The Datch platform

The Datch platform provides you with a universal overview of your factory.

Support decision making
Prevent system downtime
Detect anomalies
Predict events


    Easy to integrate

    Our processors are modular, wireless and highly adaptable. 

    Scalability: So you can see an impact on your ROI without big upfront investments

    Adaptability: Our processors are designed to interact with almost any sensor setup

    Modularity: Allows you to experiment and find the best value-add to your operations 

    Serve your customers

    Building a new product? Use our platform to provide universal data monitoring and control for your customers, and create analysis opportunities for your business.

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    Improve the output of your equipment

    Whether enhancing the quality of a production item, extending the usage life of your equipment, or gaining insights to improve features or workflows, the collection and analysis of your sensor data is paramount to making improvements. Our platform makes this process painless and easy to implement through: 

    Modularity: Easy to scale

    Cloud-based data management

    Universal access to live and historical data

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    The Datch platform can be adapted to a range of sensor-driven applications. Some of our solutions include: 



    Use the Datch platform to extract insights and increase output from your production processes. 

    Retrofit our WiFi or GSM processors to existing equipment sensors, or include in new product designs. 

    Increase equipment performance visibility through live monitoring and easy access to historical data. 

    Use data collection for predictive maintenance

    Critical notifications to reduce downtime

    Use our APIs to send data to the platform, or to feed through to other tasks, such as reporting or decision making tools

    Food Production & Vertical farming

    We work with companies involved in food production, harnessing the Datch platform to help them get the right data from their equipment and environments. 

    Sensing, monitoring, data storage and control. Graphical interface designed for easy monitoring. All sensors contained on one platform. This allows for ready-to-go, integrated data analysis.


    Aerospace development and manufacturing companies can often be found exploring or utilizing cutting edge technology and high quality processes. To ensure the most effective product environment, our platform helps to meet your unique needs in collecting large quantities of data for effective analysis. 

    Sort and organize collected data, accessible from a secure cloud location. 

    Use our smart remote monitoring service to free up valuable time for engineers and technicians.

    Applications include:
    Wind tunnels: equipping wind tunnels to improve data collection and prevent downtime
    Composite curing ovens: ensure uniform cure temperatures, monitor ramp rate, and set alerts for unexpected events. 
    Fluid pressure and flow rates
    Vibration analysis
    Stress testing

    Adaptable solutions


    Ready-to-go sensors

    Talk to us about delivering standalone sensors ready to drop into any application or environment.


    Develop your unique
    insights solution

    Adapt as many sensors to the Datch platform as you like. We can help configure your setup, fulfill your dashboard and storage requirements, and build and train tailored algorithms for implementation into your dashboard.


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